21 February 2019
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Is your cat microchipped ?

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Please note - If you are concerned about your cat, the best person to ask for advice is your Vet.
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13 February 2018
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Is your cat microchipped ?

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Details correct as of August 2017

Your cat's microchip is only useful IF it has been registered correctly AND you keep your contact details up to date. This poster explains things clearly - http://missingcatscumbria.co.uk/wp/is-y ... rochipped/ ,

Is your cat microchipped ?

If your cat was scanned, would the person be able to contact you ?

Are your contact details correct and up-to-date ?

Do you know which website the microchip details are registered to ?

Do you know the microchip number itself ?

It's a good idea to keep microchip details and documents in a safe place and also to double check that the microchips have been registered correctly and that your contact details are up to date at all times.
Of course, you can do all this but it's of little use if someone finds your cat but doesn't take it to a vet or rescue place to get scanned for a chip to try and track you (the owner) down.

Lost Cat alert systems through Microchip registration

There's two websites that microchip details are registered on - Identibase (formally known as Anibase) and Petlog. Both of which have their own "lost cat/dog" alert system in place.

Identibase runs Identifind = https://www.identibase.co.uk/identifind
There are two payment options available. It doesn't appear clear if the payments are a one off payment or a yearly payment
Identibase Plus is £15-95. You receive unlimited changes to address details.
Identibase Premium includes Identifind and costs £20-95

Petlog runs Petlog Premium = https://www.petlog.org.uk/what-is-petlog-premium/
To make changes to your record or contact details, upgrade to Petlog Premium Lifetime Membership now for a one-off fee of £16 for the lifetime of your pet.

How to update your cats microchip contact details (if you know the number)

The microchip should be registered on either Identibase (Anibase) or Petlog. Both websites have a chip checker on them which you can use to input the microchip number on and see what the results say.

Identibase - https://www.identibase.co.uk/

Petlog - https://www.petlog.org.uk/look-up-a-microchip/search/

There may be a charge to change your contact details but it is worth doing for peace of mind.

If you don't know the microchip number

Please contact your vet and they should have a record of the microchip number on their computer system.

If you have moved house or your vet doesn't have the number, they should be able to scan your cat and check for the number and let you know what it is.

If the microchip number comes up as not registered, don't panic. You should be able to register the microchip number on Identibase or Petlog as a new microchip. You will need your vets 4 digit vet code to do this (I'm not sure if you can register the chip without this code).

October 2017

A couple of important points have been mentioned on the facebook group, thank you to the lady who posted them.

It is so important to chip cats, even a house cat and keep details up to date. Many people these days only register a mobile number. They then buy a new phone and don't keep the old number. Also, every time you visit your vet, ask them to check the chip is still reading.

Also, if you take a stray cat to a vets and they find a chip but the owner details are out of date, ask them to see who is registered as the implanter. If implanted by a vet , there is a chance the cats owner is their client and they are more likely to have current address and contact details.
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