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10 May 2020 - About us

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10 May 2020 - About us

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About Missing Cats Cumbria

Missing Cats Carlisle was set up on facebook, in May 2014, to get the word out about a friend’s cat who was missing, after hearing there had been three cats go missing from the same street in a short period of time. Unfortunately none have been found. The group has grown since then and we have expanded to cover the whole of Cumbria as we don’t like the thought of anyone local not being a part of the group, hence the name change to Missing Cats Cumbria. The facebook group has over 2000 members in it to date and can be an excellent way to share details out.

In February 2016, MCC got its very own website. This worked to an extent but was fiddly so in October 2016, the website went to a forum only format. This was great as it meant that all the details were indexed by Google which was a big help.

In August 2017, we built a new website, bigger and better with a fresh design, more content and easier to use functions.

Unfortunately, times and life changes so the decision has been made to revert back to a forum only format to make it easier for Admin to keep the software updated and an eye on how things are running

Of course, a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to each and every person that joins our group, looks at the website and shares the posts for other members. This site could not run without you and you are all amazing

Hopes for the future

I hope that one day we will be able to introduce the website format again as I do feel it will make it easier for people, vets and rescue centres to search the listings and hopefully match up missing cats with details they have so that more cats are returned home.
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