21 February 2019
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10 May 2020 - Cat missing ? First things first

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10 May 2020 - Cat missing ? First things first

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* Familiar smells to leave outside:
used cat litter, contents of hoover bag, trainer insoles, slippers, socks, bedding (low to the ground), stinky cat beds

* Check in gardens, under decking, outbuildings, under cars

* Search when it’s quiet, late evening/early morning

* Take something with a familiar sound:
cat biscuits, toy with a bell, old collar, your child’s toy

* Take a torch

* Don’t forget specs/hearing aids if you wear them

* Using Social Media:
Post on your own timeline as well as groups/pages
Make sure your post is visible to everyone!
(facebook:settings > privacy > who can see future posts > public)

* Remember, not everyone uses social media/internet so

Posters/adverts should have the following details:
– At least 1 photo showing as much of your cat as possible
– Area missing from inc. city & first part of postcode
– Date missing in full
– Brief description (if your cat is microchipped mention this also)
– Contact details

With thanks to Kristy Shaw (Daisy Cat Shaw) for permission to use the image on MCC.
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