21 February 2019
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10 May 2020 - Is your cat microchipped ?

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10 May 2020 - Is your cat microchipped ?

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Is your cat’s microchip as much use as a chocolate teapot ?

If your cat is missing and its microchip details are not up to date, contact the database and amend them ASAP. It’s better late than never !!

Rehomed –
Microchip details weren’t updated when owner moved to a new address. A letter was sent out to the old address but it didn’t reach the owner.

Rehomed –
Microchip not registered. The owner assumed the implanter would register the details and never bothered to check.

Home Safe –
Microchip registered and the owner’s details all up to date.

Please remember, a microchip does not guarantee your pet’s safe return should they go missing. It does, however, greatly improve the chances of them being returned to you as long as your details are up to date. A microchip with incorrect details can be as much use as a chocolate teapot.

With thanks to Kristy Shaw (Daisy Cat Shaw) for permission to use the image on MCC.
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