21 February 2019
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Missing for over 3 years before a microchip came to the rescue

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13 February 2018
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Missing for over 3 years before a microchip came to the rescue

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Cross posted from Ashlea Vets newsletter, dated January to April 2017
Link = http://ashleavets.co.uk/Newsletter%20Ja ... 017%20.pdf

26 August 2016, Facebook link = https://www.facebook.com/ashleavets/pho ... 52/?type=3

Missing for over 3 years before a microchip came to the rescue!

Woody was chased by a dog out of his garden and disappeared in May 2013. His owners searched everywhere but sadly to no avail. In August 2016 clients of the
practice were worried about a stray who had started hanging about their house for food. The stray had a bite wound on his face so they kindly brought him to us
for attention. We scanned him for a microchip and much to our surprise it turned out to be Woody! So we were able him to reunite him with his delighted and
rather shocked owner. His injury was a minor fight wound which healed with no problems. In total Woody was missing for 177 weeks and 4 days (i.e. over 3 years).

So please chip your cat and keep your contact details up to date. Microchipping can be done during a routine appointment and costs only £12; it is now the law
to have all dogs chipped and registered to you, but we think cats are just as important and getting them chipped is just as essential. If your pet isn’t
microchipped already then phone the practice to make an appointment now.
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