21 February 2019
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Vet Times - Road risk greater for young cats

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13 February 2018
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Vet Times - Road risk greater for young cats

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Road risk greater for young cats – research

Link = https://www.vettimes.co.uk/news/road-ri ... -research/

Study reveals cats appear to become less impulsive and wiser with age, with the risk of death from road traffic collisions reducing as they get older.

Just like human teenagers, young cats are “risk takers” and far more likely to be killed in road traffic collisions (RTCs), research has revealed.

For the first time, vets have hard evidence to show the median age of cats that die as a result of being hit by a car is 2.7 years, even though the average lifespan of cats overall has been reported to be 14 years.

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If a substantial proportion of younger cats are getting killed on the roads, should they be allowed outdoors in the first place?

All vets can do is provide concerned owners with the necessary evidence and let them make up their own minds whether to let their cats outside, said lead author Dan O’Neill.

Link to Vet Times facebook discussion - https://www.facebook.com/vettimesuk/pos ... 5434136010
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