21 February 2019
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What to do when your cat goes missing

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Please note - If you are concerned about your cat, the best person to ask for advice is your Vet.
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13 February 2018
We are all here because we love our cats to the end of the world and back.
Please understand that there are lots of ways of dealing with cats and what works for one person and their cat might not work for you and your cat.
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What to do when your cat goes missing

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As well as the useful information on this poster - http://missingcatscumbria.co.uk/wp/cat- ... ngs-first/ - here are some more ideas of what to do when your cat goes missing

What to write in your missing cat advert ?

When you contact people (vets, forums, facebook etc) about your lost cat, please make sure you include the following information

- Is your cat male or female ?
- What colour is your cat ?
- Is your cat neutered or spayed ?
- Is your cat microchipped ?
- What area is your cat missing from ?
- The date your cat went missing
- Does your cat answer to its name ?
- Does your cat have any unique markings that makes your cat stand out ?

Then add a clear photo of your cat or several to show different markings off.

Things to check on facebook

The Missing Cats in Carlisle facebook group has over 1350 members = https://www.facebook.com/groups/missingcatscarlisle/

- Does your facebook profile allow people to message you ?
If not, leave a contact number on your adverts so people can get in touch

- Make a list somewhere (pen+paper, bookmarks on web browser, word document) of the places and groups that you have posted about your cat.
This will be useful for when your cat is home safe, so you can let people know

- Contact vets in the local area to let them know your cat is missing

Also you could try putting a post on Cumbria Crack, News & Star and Spotted Carlisle.

Things to do offline, that might help

- Contact correct department at council to see if cats have been picked up
- Put posters in your local newsagents if possible
- Put a poster in your own window that people walking post your house can see
- Knock on people's doors around where you live and actually speak to them, make a note of which ones and any info they give you such as seen your cat where and what time
- Don't underestimate how far away your cat could be.
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