21 February 2019
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For Sale - Rabbits

Please post any details here of any animals that are for sale, for rehoming or any pet accessories that are for sale.
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For Sale - Rabbits

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It's easier to write everything down in one post about the rabbits that we have for sale.
Please note, the names we use can be changed. We only use these names so we can identify them.

11 Adult Rabbits

Specs - Female, white with black patches, born March 2020
Velvet - Female, grey with white spot on nose, born march 2020
One girl - female, white with brown patches, born march 2020

Arrow - male, white with brown patches, born march 2020
One boy - male, white with brown patches, born march 2020

Chocolate (dwarf) - male, chocolate brown, born june 2020
Digger (dwarf) - male, chocolate brown, born march 2020

Spot - male, white with a few spots, born march 2020
Ghost - male, white with red eyes, born march 2020

Silver - male, grey, born march 2020
Rusty (dwarf) - male, chestnut brown, born june 2020

12 Baby Rabbits

Born april/may 2021
Please note - these have not been sexed yet as they are quite young and it can be hard to tell

Caramel (mum) = 2 dark grey ones, ready to go now

Scratch (mum) = 2 grey ones, 1 grey with white stripes, ready to go now

Lovely (mum) = 6 grey ones, 1 sandy, ready to go in a week or so
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